What Are The Magical Properties Of Cinnamon?

Magical properties of cinnamon

By Mark Piatt

Updated on November 16, 2022

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Known for its intense scent and sweet flavor, the magical properties of cinnamon are known the world over.  In magical traditions, cinnamon has many uses.  Cinnamon is commonly used in witchcraft as an ingredient in spell crafting and has a variety of spiritual benefits amongst many other magical benefits.

Using cinnamon in magical or spiritual rituals works on an emotional, physical, astral, and spiritual level to affect change to occur per your will.  

We all have the energy within us to manipulate these forces around us.  It just takes intent and practice.

While reading this article, keep in mind that there is always more than one way to accomplish your magical goal. 

Take these suggestions we give you as a base, and make them your own.  Magic comes from your head and your heart, not from artificial props.

You can create your own magical process using cinnamon or follow a process that people have learned over time that seems to work well.  Our examples are from processes that have worked for others.

If you find your magic defenses or protection is not working, do not be ashamed to seek professional assistance.

As a general rule, cinnamon has magical and spiritual powers that include 5 main properties (although there are many more):

  • Protection
  • Cleansing and Purifying
  • Enhance Divination
  • Raise Spiritual Vibration
  • Spell Crafting

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use herbs in your magickal rituals, check out the following book by Ally Sands “Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch: An Herbalist’s Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest“.


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only.  Occult properties of herbs and essential oils are provided for historical interest only.  For possible treatments of physical or mental diseases, please seek a trained and licensed health professional.  Enchanted Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse side effects resulting from any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from the following historical uses of herbs and essential oils.

What Is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) is an incredibly powerful spice usually obtained from the inner bark (or the leaves) of four different tree species of the family Lauraceae.

 Various components give cinnamon its distinctive smell and flavor, but the principal component of cinnamon is cinnamaldehyde.

True cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka.  But today, 70% of the world’s cinnamon comes from India and China.

Cinnamon has been used since at least 2000 BC.

In magic, cinnamon is a common ingredient in all types of spellwork because of the belief that it enhances intent.

Because it is so common, there are many different ways of utilizing cinnamon, based on your intent and belief.  We will look at a few ways you can use cinnamon in your rituals.

Cinnamon Correspondence 

  • Cinnamon is considered Masculine.
  • The vibration of cinnamon is considered part of the fire element.
  • Cinnamon is associated with the Sun and Mars.
  • The astrological sign of cinnamon is Aries.
  • Cinnamon is associated with the deities Aphrodite, Dionysus, Mercury, and Venus.
  • Chakras that work with Cinnamon:  Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra.
  • Cinnamon invokes lust and is considered an aphrodisiac.

5 Magical Properties Of Cinnamon

Since the earliest writings, using plants and herbs is one of the oldest magical tools known.  Through observation and use, people have learned the magical properties of plants.

Magic is a spiritual and natural force that everyone possesses. 

Warning:  Cinnamon is very powerful.  Avoid using cinnamon oil on your skin as it can cause burns

Following are some examples of how you can use cinnamon in your daily magic and spiritual rituals.

Can cinnamon be used for protection?

Cinnamon can be used to protect yourself or your property when you find yourself under a magical, spiritual, or psychic attack.  Cinnamon can be used to set up a defense to repel forces that may be hostile and draining.  

Protection magic can be applied anywhere, on yourself, in your home, at work, or even in your car.  

As a result, there are countless ways to perform protection rituals.

When using something like cinnamon for protection, you must understand the source of what you are trying to gain protection from.

As an example, in some traditions, using red brick dust is a good defense against certain types of attack, but will not work well against ceremonial attacks, such as a summoning of a Goetic demon.

Just burning cinnamon or placing cinnamon sticks on top of your doorways is not enough.  There must be intent behind what you are doing.  Intent determines the outcome.

Intent helps you to focus on your purpose which will help to influence events, effect change in material and non-material conditions, and help present an illusion of change that can have a positive effect on you and your surroundings.

So keep intent in mind when looking at all these examples we present.

 Use cinnamon sticks to protect your home 

Cinnamon sticks tied together with twineTraditionally, a common way of protecting your home from negative energy and bad intentions of outsiders from entering is to tie 8 cinnamon sticks in a bundle and place them over all your doorways.  

Why 8 cinnamon sticks?  The number 8 is a source of power and strength.  Tying 8 cinnamon sticks together will help amplify the protective powers of cinnamon.

 Use a cinnamon spray to protect your home 

For a powerful protection spray, you can make cinnamon/clove spray.  

  • In a pan, boil 16 ounces of water, preferably water from a natural source such as a well or stream, not municipal water. 
  • Take a handful of crushed cinnamon and a handful of cloves and place them in the boiling water for 5-8 minutes. 
  • Once the water has cooled, place the mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the four corners of each room while making your way toward the entrance to your home. 

The magical power of cinnamon will help shield your home from negative energies while the magical power of clove will provide spiritual healing. 

As a bonus, the mixture smells refreshing and uplifting.

As an alternative, you can boil a couple of sticks of cinnamon.  The resulting steam will smell wonderful and help to protect your area from negative energies.

 Burn cinnamon to protect your home 

Using either crushed cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder, place them on a charcoal disc that has been placed in a bowl made for burning incense or an incense burner.  

Don’t burn too much or else the smoke can become overpowering.

 Use a cinnamon floor wash to protect your home 

Woman mopping a floorWashes are an ancient and traditional way of utilizing magic.  They can be used to invite and expel negative energies from your living space.

Traditionally, to repel the negative energy, you want to work from the back of the house to the front door and out, pushing out the negative energies.

If your house is carpeted, you can use a spray and slowly work your way toward the front of your house.

You can create a floor wash with cinnamon sticks that have been boiled in naturally sourced water to help protect your home from negative energy.

You can either use just cinnamon or a mixture of other ingredients that are common when creating protective floor washes.

Some other herbs and substances you may wish to include in your protective floor wash are

  • Garlic
  • Pepper
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • lavender
  • Rose Water
  • Oak Bark
  • Lemon Grass
  • Valerian Root

Read our following article “16 Essential Oils For Protection” to learn about essential oils that can help you protect yourself against magical attacks and negative energy.

Can cinnamon be used for cleansing?

Cinnamon has long been used for cleansing and dispelling an area of negative energy.  Usually, to cleanse an area, cinnamon powder or cinnamon stick incense is burned.  

Cinnamon stick being burned in an incense burner.

Many consider cinnamon to almost be as powerful as white sage and palo santo in cleaning spaces of negative energy.  Plus, for most people, cinnamon has a more pleasant smell.

 Burn cinnamon to cleanse your space 

You can either burn the raw cinnamon, cinnamon powder, cinnamon cones, or cinnamon incense sticks. 

I prefer to burn crushed cinnamon or cinnamon powder since you are not burning any binders or other compounds used to hold the incense together. 

To cleanse an area of negative energy using cinnamon, light your cinnamon and walk around your room or rooms in which you wish to remove the negative energy.

Once the cinnamon is smoking nicely, use a fan or your hand to direct the smoke around the space, person, or object you wish to cleanse.

Allow the smoke to permeate every corner of the room.  The cinnamon smoke will cleanse away the negative energy and raise the positive energy of your space.

In addition to removing the negative energy, other benefits may include promoting physical health and increasing spiritual awareness, which can help increase your intuition.

Ceramic incense burners used with a charcoal disc are a good option when burning cinnamon.  The burners will prevent hot ash from the burnt cinnamon from spilling out and possibly starting a fire.

Here is a nice variety of ceramic incense burners from Amazon.

If smoke bothers you, you can also use a diffuser with cinnamon essential oil.

There are many magical properties that essential oils (including cinnamon essential oil) have.  If you are interested in learning about some of these magical properties, check out our article

15 Magical Properties of Essential Oils

We also offer a fine line of Essential Oil Diffusers,  You can Click Here to see our essential oils diffusers.

Just keep in mind, that these rituals will not work just on their own.  They require intent on your part.

Can cinnamon enhance divination?

Cinnamon has been used to successfully enhance divination practices by prophets, pagan priests, shamans, and everyday people to foretell future events see past events, and discover hidden causes of events.

divination tools, crystal ball, tarot cards, and small cauldron

Many different techniques are used when performing divination including natural techniques, psychological techniques, and magical techniques.

Cinnamon can be used to enhance these techniques or to clear the area or tools of chaotic energies that result from performing divination practices.

 Use a stick of cinnamon to clear your divination tools of complex energies 

Divination can involve using a variety of tools such as

  • Tarot Cards
  • Runes
  • Tea Leaves
  • Pendulums
  • Cauldrons
  • Coins
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Black obsidian ball
  • Essential Oils
  • Signs
  • Sigils
  • Books
  • Paper

Over time, all these tools can get gunked up with complex energies.  Throw a stick of cinnamon into your bag of divination or magical tools to help charge your tools and clear the energies from their last use.

 Use cinnamon tea alone or with divination-friendly herbs and sprinkle the infusion around your ritual space to make the area ready for your divination rituals 

This process works similarly to using smoke.  If the cinnamon smoke bothers you, you can try using a magical infusion to cleanse your divination tools.

 Drink cinnamon tea by itself or with other divination-friendly herbs such as mugwort and mint to promote better divination insights 

Drinking cinnamon tea before performing divination rituals is thought to increase your spiritual awareness.  This will, in turn, allow you to have a more accurate reading.

Can cinnamon be used to increase spiritual awareness and support?

For centuries, cinnamon has been used to increase spiritual awareness because of its high vibration. By increasing your spiritual awareness, the magic of cinnamon can help support your efforts to accomplish your goals, whether those goals are magical or not.

By raising your spiritual awareness using cinnamon, you can

  • Attract romance
  • Attract good luck
  • Attract prosperity
  • Trust your intuition
  • Overcome financial issues
  • Open up your third eye
  • Enhance your meditation
  • Achieve higher levels of consciousness
  • Make you feel more positive
  • Increase your magical clarity
  • Increase your psychic abilities

Even just smelling cinnamon can invoke good memories. 

For me, smelling cinnamon reminds me of good memories of Christmas.  I don’t like sweets too much, except for cinnamon.  Cinnamon candy is one of the few candies I will eat – and peppermint.

Do keep in mind that because cinnamon is so powerful, when you burn cinnamon or use cinnamon essential oil, using too much can cause dizziness, fatigue, and shakiness.  So use cinnamon in moderation.

 Burn cinnamon to open up your spiritual awareness 

Used alone or in combination with sandalwood powder, these two herbs will help open up and activate your third eye chakra, which can increase your spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, focus, and intuition.

 How to increase your spiritual awareness 

Increasing your spiritual awareness will not happen overnight.  To help increase your spiritual awareness, here are seven tips.

  1. Perform some type of meditation daily to get yourself in the right frame of mind.
  2. Have a dedicated place that has no or minimal distractions where you can perform your meditations and rituals (including burning cinnamon incense).
  3. Examine your beliefs and be honest with yourself.  Before you can awaken your spiritual awareness, you need to recognize you have been spiritually asleep.
  4. Be open to expanding your mind to new beliefs and ideas.  
  5. Spend time outdoors.  Many of the tools we use for spiritual awareness involve natural things from the outdoors.  The energy and spirit of magic are found outdoors.  Learn to connect with nature.
  6. Take care of yourself both physically and mentally.  To connect with your higher powers, you need to be in top shape.  Keep your mind and body clear of substances that block your ability to connect with your higher self.
  7. Practice practice practice.  Opening up your spiritual awareness takes time and dedication.

Can cinnamon be used for spell crafting?

Because cinnamon holds so much magical power, it is the perfect spice to use in all sorts of spell casting including love spells, money spells, good luck spells, healing spells, protection spells, and many others.

magical tools including a candles, wood, incense, and wood beads

Cinnamon is a common ingredient in many types of spells because it is believed that cinnamon can enhance your intent. 

Spells will only work when there is an intent behind them.  

Also, the spell begins when you start preparing your herbs/incense, or when you start to write down your spell.

For this reason, it is better to create your own incense from raw materials instead of purchasing ready-made incense.

By creating the incense yourself, you are placing magical energy into your incense.

If you want to learn about making incense yourself the best book you can get on the subject is Wylundt’s Book of Incense.

 Use a cinnamon blowing ritual to enhance intent 

One of the easiest ways to enhance your intent with cinnamon is by using a blowing ritual.

  • To do this, place a pinch of powdered cinnamon and sea salt in your dominant hand.   
  • Mediate and focus on your intent.
  • Once you are ready, just blow the cinnamon and sea salt from your hand, spreading your intent with the infusion.

Since the tree that cinnamon is harvested from is ruled by the moon, you may wish to perform rituals involving cinnamon under the light of a full moon. 

Of course, this is a fine balancing act.  You need to look at all your other herbs and their correspondences when deciding the best time to perform your ritual.

 Use cinnamon in your spell jars or spell bags 

Adding cinnamon sticks, chips, and powder to your spell jars and spell bags will enhance the effects of the magic. 

Having the cinnamon in your spell jars and spell bags will increase their power.

 Add cinnamon to your simmering potpourri to help cleanse and invigorate your space 

Potpourris are a wonderful way of adding the magical power of herbs into your home and they make your home smell fabulous.

For a look at 21 herbs that can be used in love rituals (including cinnamon), check out my article “Top 21 Herbs Used For Love Magic and Rituals“.

To learn how cinnamon can be used in love spells and rituals, check out this article “How To Use Cinnamon In Love Spells And Rituals?“.

These examples of using cinnamon in your magic are some of the more popular uses but are far from the only ways you can use cinnamon in your magical rituals.

What Does Cinnamon Smell Like?

The smell of cinnamon is spicy, sweet, and enticing.  Cinnamon has a full aroma that is spicy, slightly fruity, peppery, and perhaps a touch of vanilla.  There are also hints of a woodsy smell.   


Since cinnamon is such an incredibly powerful spice, it has so many uses in magic, the way you use cinnamon in your magical and spiritual practices is only limited by your imagination.  

If you know of other magical properties of cinnamon or different ways in which you use cinnamon on your spiritual journey, we would love to hear from you so we may incorporate what you share in this article.

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