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7 Magical Properties Of Agrimony

Magical properties of agrimony. Fresh agrimony flowers on a background of dried agrimony

By Mark Piatt Published on June 19, 2024 Agrimony has historically been one of the cornerstones in protection rituals and healing ceremonies which has provided comfort since ancient times.  Agrimony is known for its unique ability to reverse hexes and curses and sending negative energy back to its source, making it highly effective in protection …

15 Magical Properties Of Nettles

Magical properties of nettles - nettle leaves on a background of swirling green colors

By Mark Piatt Published on March 3 2024 Nettles are revered in rituals for spiritual growth, love, and transformation, embodying powerful energies for personal and environmental harmony. Nettles holds a special place in my heart.  Back in 1987, I had started working at a small health food store here in Santa Fe, NM.  We would …

15 Magical Properties Of Mugwort

magical properties of mugwort - mugwort plant on a background of purple swirls.

By Mark Piatt Published on February 28, 2024 This article will cover what mugwort is and how it relates to magic, its magical correspondence, a brief description of its top 15 magical or spiritual properties (although there are more), and a magical ritual you can perform for each magical property. Comprehensive Table Of The Top …

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