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What Are The Magical Properties Of Amber?

Magical properties of amber

The magical properties of amber are revered in magick for its protection, healing, and grounding properties.  Often worn as amulets, amber is believed to ward off negativity, enhance memory, and connect with ancient energies.  Its warm glow symbolizes transformation and life force. Amber is a fossilized tree resin that has been cherished for millennia for …

What Are The Magical Properties Of Basil?

magical properties of basil

The magical properties of basil are known for their versatile applications in magick, from protection spells to attracting love and wealth.  This makes basil a staple in many magickal practices. In various folk magick traditions around the world, including Italian folk magick and other European traditions, basil is often used for protection and to ward …

What Are The Magical Properties Of Lemons?

Magical properties of lemons

The magical properties of lemons are revered in magick for their purification and protection characteristics.  Their vibrant hue symbolizes positivity, making them ideal for banishing negativity.  Lemons cleanse spaces and auras, and in many traditions, aid in love spells, boost psychic abilities, and guard against malevolent forces. The magickal properties of lemons are rooted in …

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