Enchanted Aromatics is a U.S. company at the foot of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Our goal is to provide you with useful information about a variety of aromatic products and share with you the best aromatic products you can buy.

A Family Owned Business


Thank you for visiting Enchanted Aromatics.  We are a small family owned company specializing in natural aromatic products. 

Our first goal is to provide you with useful information on a variety of natural aromatic products including herbs, spices, flowers, essential oils, soaps, etc. 

We also sell some of the products we speak about.  If we do not, we try to point you to where you can purchase these products. 

Besides smelling great, many of our products have well-documented health benefits.

In today’s world, everything we purchase and use is full of toxic chemicals.  At one time, our home was full of artificial fragrance sprays and air freshener plugins.  The home always smelled like a fresh spring day.  The problem is that all of us suffer from asthma.  One day a friend suggested we try using essential oils with a diffuser.  Guess what, our asthma was greatly reduced after we replaced all those plugins and sprays with essential oils.  Plus, we were no longer filling our homes with harmful artificial chemicals.  

But in my quest to try out different essential oils, I discovered that not all essential oils are created equal.  Some less expensive essential oils have artificial chemicals added to them and are diluted to reduce their cost and increase profits.  That defeats the whole purpose of using essential oils. 

That is why our essential oils only come from companies that have their essential oils tested.  They do not buy their essential oils from the mass market.  They personally know the growers and distillers.  Yes, this makes our essential oils more expensive, but if you wish to use essential oils and you value your health, then spending a little more money will be well worth it

Currently, we offer essential oils from two companies: Sparoom and Artisan Aromatics.

We choose Sparoom because of its commitment to selling high-quality essential oils.  This is a well-established company with products sold in many shops around the country.  

The other essential oil company we choose is Artisan Aromatics.  They are a small U.S.-based company that has been around for over 20 years.  Artisan Aromatics mainly sells its products to Spas and hospitals.  They specialize in only selling the highest quality essential oils.  

For our diffuser line, we currently sell diffusers from Sparoom, Aromasource, Aromar, and our newest friends at GreenAir.  These are not cheap, poor-quality diffusers.  They are made to last.  Our diffusers will not have harmful toxins getting released from the diffusers themselves.  Our plastic diffusers must be made from medical-grade plastic or glass.

We do not only sell these products.  We use them here in our home.  We currently have 6 diffusers from these companies and are happy with every single one of them.  

Do not even ask how many essential oils I have.  It kind of turns into an addiction.  You buy one and then you wish to try another one.  Then you want to combine oils; before you know it, you have many essential oils in your collection.  I have tried many brands of essential oils, some good, some not so good.  I am very happy with the two brands we currently carry.  We are hoping to eventually carry some additional quality brands for you to choose from.

Bringing high-end essential oils and related products to you is our honor.  We want you to experience the amazing power that essential oils have to offer while at the same time, making your space smell wonderful.  We just don’t sell these products, we use them.

I have been interested in herbology and the occult since I was young.  Today, I have acquired thousands of books, documents, grimoires, spells, and other documents related to the occult and herbology.  

Through our blog, I hope I can share some of what I have learned over the years on these subjects.