What Are The 15 Magical Properties Of Cloves?

Magical properties of cloves

By Mark Piatt

Published on November 4, 2022

Updated on February 16, 2024

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In magickal traditions, cloves have many spiritual benefits. The main magical and spiritual benefits of cloves include protection, cleansing, spiritual healing, spell enhancement, and manifestation.  

Using cloves in magic rituals works on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level to affect change to occur per your will.  

Take these suggestions I give you as a base, and make them your own.  Magic comes from your head and your heart, not from artificial props.

As a general rule, cloves have magical and spiritual benefits that include 5 main properties that I write about in this article: 

  • Protection
  • Cleansing
  • Healing

  • Spell Enhancement
  • Manifestation

But these are not the only magical and spiritual properties of cloves.

The following table comprehensively details the 15 diverse magical and spiritual uses of cloves, categorized by their primary property, whether they’re used for magical or spiritual purposes, and provides three examples for each.

(Please note there can be some crossover between what is magical or spiritual).

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1ProtectionMagicalWarding off negative energies, Shielding against psychic attacks, Protective amulets
2CleansingSpiritualPurifying sacred spaces, Cleansing auras, Removing spiritual impurities
3HealingSpiritualAlleviating pain, Enhancing herbal remedies, Supporting emotional healing
4Spell EnhancementMagicalAmplifying spellwork, Strengthening ritual potency, Focusing magical intentions
5ManifestationSpiritualAttracting wealth, Bringing forth desires, Visualizing goals
6Love SpellsMagicalFostering romantic connections, Enhancing sexual desire, Harmonizing relationships
7ExorcismMagicalBanishing evil spirits, Clearing haunted spaces, Protecting against possession
8Psychic DevelopmentSpiritualAwakening psychic senses, Enhancing divination practices, Fostering intuition
9ProsperityMagicalAttracting financial success, Encouraging abundance, Securing material wealth
10LuckMagicalImproving odds of success, Attracting positive outcomes, Enhancing lucky streaks
11Spiritual AwarenessSpiritualDeepening meditation, Connecting with higher realms, Enhancing spiritual insights
12WisdomSpiritualPromoting clear thinking, Encouraging thoughtful decision-making, Gaining understanding
13BanishingMagicalRepelling unwanted influences, Clearing negative energies, Ending toxic relationships
14CourageMagicalBoosting self-confidence, Overcoming fears, Empowering actions
15JusticeMagicalAiding in legal matters, Balancing scales of fairness, Ensuring rightful outcomes

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use herbs in your magickal rituals, check out the following book by Ally Sands “Plant Magic for the Beginner Witch: An Herbalist’s Guide to Heal, Protect and Manifest“.


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only.  Occult properties of herbs and essential oils are provided for historical interest only.  For possible treatments of physical or mental diseases, please seek a trained and licensed health professional.  Enchanted Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse side effects resulting from the use of any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from the following historical uses of herbs and essential oils.

What Are Cloves?

Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) are a spice made from the flower buds of a tropical evergreen tree.  Clove is related to the eucalyptus tree.

Cloves are immature flower buds and are shaped like a small, reddish-brown spike about 1 centimeter in length.  These buds are picked by hand before they open up.

Today, cloves are used throughout the world in the kitchen, in the medical field, and of course in magic.  The magical uses of cloves are what this article will be focused on.

Cloves Correspondence 

Gender AlignmentMale
Elemental RelationsFire
Solar System AssociationsSun
Astrological SignsAries, Scorpio
Deity AssociationsJupiter, Aphrodite
Chakra AssociationsSolar Plexus Chakra
Crystal AssociationsCitrine, Tiger's Eye
Seasonal AssociationsAutumn, Winter
Special PowersEnhancing psychic abilities, protection, exorcism, love
Folk NamesCaryophyllus, Spice of Jupiter, Clove Pink, Gilliflower, Sweet Spice

Can cloves be used for protection?

Since cloves are shaped like a nail, they are often seen as protective.  Cloves are full of powerful, fiery energy that help to remove negativity and ward off evil presences from our surroundings.  

There are 3 main steps you should do when using cloves in a protection ritual.

  • Cleanse yourself of negative energy in a bath either using just water or enhanced with salts and herbs.
  • Create a protective shield.
  • Perform your magic ritual or spell of protection.

Usually, when used for protection, you will not just use cloves by themselves and call it a day.

Read our following article “16 Essential Oils For Protection” to learn about essential oils that can help you protect yourself against magical attacks and negative energy.

 Take A Cleansing Bath 

For some cultures, cloves are associated with purification and protection.  People may use cloves in cleansing baths as part of spiritual or ritual practices to cleanse negative energy and promote positivity.

A good cleansing bath would include salt, ammonia, and vinegar.  Use a half cup of salt, a half cup of vinegar, and a teaspoon of ammonia. 

Add whole cloves, clove essential oil, or a sachet containing cloves to the bathwater.  The quantity can vary, but a few tablespoons of whole cloves or several drops of essential oil should be sufficient.

You can also add essential oils or herbs to help you relax, such as lavender.

You could help set the mood by lighting candles.

Soak in your spiritually cleansing bath for at least 20 minutes while concentrating on your intention, such as removing negative energy or creating a shield of magical protection.

 Create A Protective Shield 

Next, you want to create a protective shield.  You can either do this while taking your cleaning bath or after you have bathed.

Creating a protective shield involves visualizing your shield. 

There are different types of shields but I find visualizing a protective bubble around my body is what works best for me. 

I imagine this shield hovering about 5 inches around my body and emitting a brilliant white light that does not allow negative energy in.

I like using clove essential oil in my diffuser while creating my protective shield. 

The aroma of the cloves smells so pure.  I imagine the aroma forcing out dark energies and preventing them from entering my space or attaching themselves to me.

 Perform Your Magic, Ritual, Or Spell Of Protection 

There are many ways to do this.  The process we describe is just one possible way.

Some people will use a mix of water and crushed cloves to draw protection sigils on their home or use essential oil to draw protection sigils.

You could also create a protection charm using chaos magic in which you use a small wooden disc and burn in the sigil you have created. 

You can then either attach a clove, or a small bag containing clove powder or cloves to the wooden disc.

For a nice demonstration showing how to create your sigil using chaos magic and create your magical charm of protection, check out the following video from Magical Crafting


YouTube video


If you are interested in learning about creating sigils, check out this book “Sigil Magic: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Magic Sigils, Wiccan Symbols, Talismans, and Amulets for Magical Protection, Witchcraft Purposes and Good Fortune (Spiritual Witchcraft)“. 


Can cloves be used for cleansing?

Cloves can help cleanse an area of negative energy.  Keep cloves in a charm bag, or hang a pouch of cloves over your entrance to help cleanse anyone walking past the threshold.

Cloves can also be used to remove negative energy.  To help remove negative energy from your space, burn cloves in a ceramic bowl with soil, sand, or salt is one method.  

Here is a nice selection of ceramic incense burners from Amazon.

you can also burn cloves incense sticks or cones to help cleanse your space.

The incense will burn away the negative energy and raise the positive energy of your space.

Once the cloves are smoking nicely, use a fan or your hand to direct the smoke around the space, person, or object you wish to cleanse.

If smoke bothers you, you can also use a diffuser to diffuse the magical power of cloves throughout your space

Just keep in mind, that these rituals will not work just on their own.  They require intent on your part.

Can cloves be used for spiritual healing?

Cloves can be used in a variety of spiritual healing scenarios.  For example, if you have become the target of unwanted gossip, cloves can be used to stop the gossip in its tracks.

7 Spiritual Properties of Cloves

 Use Cloves To Stop Gossip And Rumors About You 

Traditionally, to stop gossip about you, take a handful of cloves and grind them down to a powder.  Take this powder and sprinkle it on yourself as you focus on stopping these rumors.  Once the rumors have stopped, you can now begin your spiritual healing.

 Use Cloves Essential Oil To Create An Uplifting Atmosphere 

Try diffusing a mix of clove essential oil and orange essential oil. 

The uplifting scent of orange and clove will help promote positive vibrations and melt your worries away which will aid in your spiritual healing.

 Burn Cloves To Repair Relationships And Remove Negative Energy Between You 

After an argument with a loved one, burn cloves in your home to free your space of negative energy which will aid you in your spiritual healing.

For a look at 21 herbs that can be used in love rituals, check out my article “Top 21 Herbs Used For Love Magic and Rituals“.

 Wear An Amulet Made From Cloves  

Wear a clove as an amulet to calm your emotions after something traumatic has occurred in your life.

 Create A Cloves Pomander To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life  

You can also use a perfume ball known as a pomander.  People will use these to protect themselves from illness and to help in healing. 

A pomander can either be worn or carried in a vase.  A pomander can also be a bag filled with fragrant herbs such as cloves.  

You can create a bag filled with fragrant herbs that are specific to spiritual healing.  Herbs to include in your bag include rosemary, cloves, chamomile, lemon, rose, sage, and lavender, to name a few.

Can cloves be used to enhance spells?

Cloves are often added to other ingredients when creating spells because of their ability to enhance the magical effects of the other herbs.

As a result of cloves enhancing abilities, you will find it in many spells such as:

  • Protection spells
  • Banishing magic
  • Money spells
  • Prosperity spells
  • Luck spells
  • Healing rituals
  • Exorcisms
  • Attraction spells
  • Love spells
  • Meditation

  • Empathy
  • Stress relief rituals
  • Gain truth
  • Increase courage
  • Boost confidence
  • Spells to bring a sense of kinship
  • Spells to prevent rumors about you
  • Divination spells
  • Astral projection spells  

These are the more popular magical uses of cloves, but they are not the only ones.

There are many magical properties that essential oils (including cloves essential oil) have.  If you are interested in learning about some of these magical properties, check out our article

15 Magical Properties Of Essential Oils“.

Can cloves be used in manifestation rituals?

Cloves are considered a powerful tool for manifestation due to their symbolic and energetic properties.  Their unique fragrance is believed to stimulate the senses and elevate one’s spiritual awareness, making them ideal for rituals and ceremonies.

 Create A Cloves Manifestation Jar 

One common method of using cloves in manifestation is to create a manifestation jar or sachet.

People place dried cloves, along with other symbolic items like herbs, crystals, or written intentions, inside a container.

This container is then sealed and placed in a sacred space, serving as a focal point for manifesting desires and attracting positive energy.

 Use Cloves In Candle Magic To Manifest Your Wishes 

Cloves are also used in candle magic, where individuals inscribe their wishes or goals onto a candle and then sprinkle ground cloves on top before lighting them.

As the candle burns, it is said to release the energy of the cloves into the universe, amplifying the manifestation process.

 Use Cloves In Meditation And Visual Rituals To Manifest Your Desires 

Cloves can be used in meditation and visualization exercises.

Holding a clove or inhaling its scent during these practices is thought to help individuals focus their intentions and strengthen their connection to the desired outcomes.

What Do Cloves Smell Like?

Cloves have a spicy/sweet aroma because of the presence of eugenol.  Cloves also have a warm and woodsy foundation.    

Cloves are considered one of the “big four” spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and pepper.

The aroma of cloves goes hand in hand with the holidays.

Cloves are used extensively throughout the perfumery industry.

Because of its analgesic and antiseptic qualities, clove is also often used in the dental industry. 


Since cloves have so many uses in magic, the way you use cloves in your magical and spiritual practices is only limited by your imagination.  

If you know of other magical properties of cloves or different ways in which you use cloves on your spiritual journey, we would love to hear from you so we may incorporate what you share in this article.

5 thoughts on “What Are The 15 Magical Properties Of Cloves?

  1. Jude says:

    We broke up and went our separate ways. Neither of us fought for our relationship. I was angry and decided not to be upset about it and just keep it moving. Then after about few months of no contact with her I became sad. I wanted her to tell me she wanted to be with me and not her old friend. I visited __________________ for a love spell and he truly helped me! he was able to get her to miss me she wanted us to get back together again. She had lot of regrets and felt bad for not fighting to keep me and for cheating in generally. she cherish our relationship so much more now and we are together now! Thanks 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  2. Saara says:

    I really want to cast a love spell on someone I love alot we are tog ether but he doesn’t make an effort I want to try the salt spell I need your advice in whether I can use fine salt and crushed cloves….please please help me…I’ve put my email address below please respond

    • Mark says:

      Hello Saarah

      Love spells are some of the trickiest rituals and spells to cast. Also don’t expect the spell to work on its own, it requires intent and work on your part – doing romantic things together, listening to each others needs, experimenting with your desires etc.

      Manipulating one’s free will can be questionable. But, casting a spell mutually with their knowledge can be beneficial, and when done together, can help bring you closer together.

      When creating spells, unexpected results can occur. For example, instead of creating a healthy loving relationship, you could create an unhealthy obsession.

      But, creating a ritual that you work through together, can help bring you closer.

      Salt is used in love spells to help solidify a bond. While any salt can technically be used, most prefer Himalayan Pink salt from Pakistan. It is believed to be the purest salt available and resonates with the body’s energy system. The unique pink and reddish hues of Himalayan salt are not only visually pleasing but are also believed by some to resonate with the heart chakra, promoting feelings of love and emotional healing.

      I did find for you the following ritual that includes cloves and salt that you guys could try together (if you can get him to agree to do it), that will help create a closer bond between you. It could be fun.

      Clove and Salt Ritual for Unity and Bonding

      Purpose: To symbolically foster a bond and strengthen mutual intentions between two individuals.

      Items Needed:

      A bowl of salt
      Six cloves
      Two pink or red candles (representing the heart and love)
      A piece of paper and pen
      A small pouch or cloth bag


      Setting the space: Find a quiet space where both participants can sit comfortably facing each other.
      Candle Lighting: Both participants should light their own candle. As you light it, think about your intentions for the relationship and the love and understanding you hope to cultivate.
      Salt Ritual: Both participants should take a pinch of salt in their left hand. Say aloud or in your mind, “Like this salt from the earth, our bond is natural and strong.” Both participants should sprinkle the salt into the bowl together.
      Clove Ritual: Each participant should hold three cloves. Think of three wishes or intentions for the relationship. For each one, say aloud, “I wish for [mention the wish/intention] in our relationship.” After saying each one, place a clove in the bowl of salt.
      Written Commitment: Together, write down a commitment or affirmation for the relationship on the paper. It can be something like, “We commit to understanding, trust, and mutual growth.” Fold the paper and place it in the pouch or cloth bag, along with the salt and cloves.
      Closing: Sit for a few moments, focusing on the candles’ flames and thinking about the mutual intentions and wishes. Both participants should blow out their candle at the same time. Store the pouch or bag somewhere safe as a symbolic reminder of the bond and intentions.

      It’s crucial to approach any ritual or spell with respect and an understanding of its symbolic nature. The true connection between two individuals comes from genuine interactions, mutual understanding, trust, and shared experiences.

      I wish you two the best of luck

    • Mark says:

      Since cloves can be used in success spells, you may want to try one for your interview.
      Here is an example:
      Write Down Your Intentions: On a small piece of paper, write down your intentions for the interview. This could include the qualities you want to embody, such as confidence, clarity, and charisma.

      Hold the Cloves in Your Hand: Take the 3 cloves and hold them tightly in your hand, focusing on your intentions. Imagine the energy of the cloves absorbing your desire to succeed.

      Place the Cloves and Paper in the Pouch: Put the cloves and the piece of paper with your intentions into the small pouch or wrap them in a piece of cloth.

      Optional – Light the Candle: If you have a candle, you might light it as a symbol of your dedication and focus on your goals.

      Recite a “Spell”: With the pouch in hand, you might recite something like:
      “By the power of these cloves, strong and true,
      Grant me confidence and wisdom too,
      In this interview, I shall shine,
      With eloquence and grace, this job will be mine.”

      Carry the Pouch With You: Bring the pouch with you to the interview, keeping it in a pocket or bag. Let it serve as a tangible reminder of your preparations and your ability to succeed.

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