How To Use Cinnamon In Love Spells And Rituals?

Cinnamon in love spells - cinnamon sticks and powder against a background of red hearts

By Mark Piatt

Updated on December 7, 2023

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Using cinnamon in love spells and rituals is widely used for its attraction energies. It’s added to love spells and potions, carried as sticks or oils for drawing love, and used in candle magick to amplify love wishes.

Cinnamon is my all-time favorite spice.  I always have cinnamon candy somewhere in the house.

Cinnamon, a spice known for its warm, sweet aroma, plays a significant role in love magick, rituals, and potions across various cultures such as Wicca and Hoodoo.

In love attraction, cinnamon is believed to emit strong spiritual energies that draw romantic interest.

In this article, I will explore the fascinating world of how cinnamon is used in love magick and rituals.

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The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only.  Occult properties of herbs and essential oils are provided for historical interest only.  For possible treatments of physical or mental diseases, please seek a trained and licensed health professional.  Enchanted Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse side effects resulting from the use of any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from the following historical uses of herbs and essential oils.

Symbolism and associations with cinnamon in love spells and love rituals used in witchcraft and other traditions

Cinnamon, with its enveloping warmth and enticing aroma, holds a cherished place in the realm of love magick. It’s more than just a spice; it’s a beacon of attraction, passion, and heartfelt connection. The way cinnamon’s aroma fills a room is akin to how love encompasses and warms the heart, making it a potent emblem for fostering love and igniting desire.

Historically prized as a rare and luxurious spice, cinnamon represents the preciousness and value of love, mirroring its rarity and worth in romantic relationships.

In spiritual and esoteric practices, cinnamon is believed to possess high vibrational energies, ideal for amplifying love energies in rituals and spells.

It is used to attract romantic interests, deepen bonds, and even heal emotional wounds within relationships, reflecting its healing properties.

This blend of sensory, historical, and energetic metaphysical attributes solidifies cinnamon’s role as a powerful symbol in love magick, widely used in potions, spells, and rituals to nurture, protect, and celebrate love.

Here are the 5 key symbolic associations between cinnamon and love magick.

 5 key symbolisms and associations between cinnamon and love magick 

  1. Sensory Appeal: For me, this is the most important aspect when thinking of cinnamon and love.  Cinnamon’s warm, sweet aroma is considered sensually appealing and energizing, which makes it a symbol of attraction and passion. This sensory appeal is why it’s commonly used in love potions and rituals to evoke feelings of love and desire.

  2. Warmth and Comfort: The warmth of cinnamon, both in flavor and temperature, symbolizes the warmth of love and affection. It’s thought to bring comfort and closeness in relationships, making it a popular choice in love spells and rituals.

  3. Historical Use: Historically, cinnamon was a rare and valuable spice, often associated with wealth and luxury. This rarity made it a symbol of preciousness, akin to the value placed on love and romantic relationships.

  4. Energetic Properties: In many spiritual and esoteric practices, cinnamon is believed to carry high vibrational energies that can stimulate and enhance love energies. Its use in rituals and spells is often aimed at amplifying these energies to attract love or deepen an existing relationship.

  5. Healing Qualities: Cinnamon is also known for its healing properties, symbolizing the healing power of love and the ability to mend emotional wounds in the context of relationships.

How cinnamon is used in love spells

Cinnamon is widely used in love spells for its warm, inviting aroma, symbolizing attraction and affection. It’s added to potions and candles to draw love, enhance sensuality, and deepen emotional bonds. Its high vibrational energies are believed to amplify romantic desires and heal relationships.

Warning: If you are using cinnamon as part of a love and attraction spell, make sure the person you are interested in is in love with you of their own free will.  Also, be sure your intent is friendly and that the relationship will be healthy for both of you.

There are many, many ways in which cinnamon is used in love spells.

 Top 7 ways in which cinnamon is used in love spells 

  1. Love Potions: Cinnamon is a key ingredient in love potions, believed to evoke passion and attraction. It’s often combined with other love-enhancing ingredients like honey, rose water, or vanilla to create potent concoctions.
  2. Candle Magick: In love spells, cinnamon-scented candles are used for their ability to attract love. Lighting these candles while focusing on love intentions is thought to draw romantic energies.
  3. Attraction Sachets: Small bags filled with cinnamon, herbs, and crystals like rose quartz are created as charms to attract love. These sachets are carried or placed in romantic spaces.
  4. Anointing Oils: Cinnamon oil is used to anoint candles, talismans, or oneself in love spells, believed to heighten the spell’s power and attract romantic energies.
  5. Inscribed Cinnamon Sticks: Names or love intentions are inscribed on cinnamon sticks in certain spells, with the sticks either burned or stored safely to manifest love.
  6. Bathing Rituals: Adding cinnamon to bathwater is a common practice in love magick, intended to cleanse the aura and draw love energies to the individual.
  7. Spell Jars: Cinnamon is often included in spell jars designed for love. These jars are filled with items symbolizing love and romance, and cinnamon is added for its attraction properties. The jar is then sealed and kept as a love talisman.

3 love spell examples that include cinnamon

These are just a few of the many examples of how you can use cinnamon in love spells.  Just because I give you a set of instructions does not mean you need to follow them to a tee.  Spells are personal.  If it doesn’t feel right or fit your needs, make the spell your own.

 Cinnamon love potion 

This potion is believed to evoke feelings of love and desire.  Creating a cinnamon love potion to evoke feelings of love and desire involves a combination of ingredients known for their romantic and sensual properties.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 cups of spring water
  • 2 cinnamon sticks (for warmth and attraction)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (to sweeten the potion and symbolize the sweetness of love)
  • A handful of dried rose petals (symbolizing love and passion)
  • A few drops of vanilla extract (for its sensual and inviting aroma)
  • A small piece of pink quartz (optional, for adding loving energy)


  1. Purify Your Space: Begin by cleansing your space. You can do this by burning sage or simply ensuring your space is peaceful and clean.

  2. Set Your Intention: Before starting, focus on your intention for the potion – whether it’s to attract new love or to deepen an existing relationship. Intentions should be clear and positive.

  3. Boil Water: In a pot, bring the spring water to a gentle boil.

  4. Add Cinnamon and Rose Petals: Once the water is boiling, add the cinnamon sticks and dried rose petals. Cinnamon is used for its properties of attraction and warmth, while rose petals symbolize love and passion.

  5. Simmer: Reduce the heat and let the mixture simmer for about 10 minutes. As it simmers, visualize your intention, imagining the potion absorbing your desires for love and affection.

  6. Add Honey and Vanilla: Turn off the heat. Stir in the honey and a few drops of vanilla extract while the potion is still warm. The honey sweetens your intention, and the vanilla enhances sensuality.

  7. Infuse with Pink Quartz: If you’re using pink quartz, place it near or in the potion as it cools. This step is optional but can add an element of emotional healing and love attraction.

  8. Strain and Store: Strain the potion to remove the solids, pouring the liquid into a bottle or jar.

  9. Consecrate Your Potion: Some may choose to say a small blessing or affirmation over the potion to further set their intentions.

  10. Usage: You can drink a small amount of the potion, share it with a consenting partner, or use it as an offering in a love ritual.

 Candle love ritual using cinnamon and magick 

Creating a candle love ritual using cinnamon and magickal intentions can be a meaningful way to focus your energies on love and relationships.  The power of this ritual lies in your intentions and the symbolic actions you perform.

Materials Needed:

  • One red or pink candle (red for passionate love, pink for romantic and nurturing love)
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • A small piece of paper and a pen
  • Dried rose petals (symbolizing love and affection)
  • Cinnamon sticks (for attraction and warmth)
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A fireproof dish or candle holder
  • Optional: crystals like rose quartz (for love energy) or moonstone (for emotional balance)


  1. Prepare Your Space: Cleanse your ritual space. You might want to do this by burning sage, using incense, or simply ensuring the area is tidy and peaceful.
  2. Set Your Intention: Write down your intention for love on the piece of paper. This could be attracting new love, strengthening an existing relationship, or opening your heart to love opportunities. Be clear and specific.
  3. Prepare the Candle: Anoint the candle with cinnamon essential oil. As you do so, focus on your intention, visualizing your desired outcome. Imagine the oil as a conduit for your wishes, embedding your intentions into the candle.
  4. Arrange Your Materials: Place the candle in its holder on a safe surface. Surround it with cinnamon sticks, dried rose petals, and optionally, your chosen crystals.
  5. Light the Candle: Light the candle with your matches or lighter. As the flame ignites, visualize your intention being released into the universe. Focus on the flame and imagine it drawing love into your life.
  6. Recite an Affirmation or Chant: You might want to say a love affirmation, chant, or simply speak your intentions aloud. For example,I open my heart to love, and I attract the right love into my life.
  7. Burn the Intention Paper: Safely burn the piece of paper with your written intention in the fireproof dish. This symbolizes releasing your intention into the universe. Be cautious and ensure safety while doing this.
  8. Meditate and Visualize: Spend some time meditating by the candle. Visualize your life filled with the love you desire. Feel the emotions that come with this love.
  9. Closing the Ritual: Once you feel your intentions have been fully focused upon, you can either let the candle burn out safely or extinguish it with the intent to relight it each day until it burns completely. If you choose to extinguish it, do so without blowing it out, as this can scatter your intentions. Instead, use a snuffer or wet your fingers and pinch the flame.
  10. Ground Yourself: After the ritual, make sure to ground yourself. This can be done by eating something, taking a walk, or engaging in a mundane activity.

 Create a cinnamon and sugar love jar 

Creating a cinnamon and sugar love jar is a charming and symbolic way to focus your intentions on attracting love or enhancing the romance in your life. This ritual falls under the umbrella of folk magick and should be approached as a personal, symbolic practice.

Materials Needed:

  • A small, clean glass jar with a lid
  • Ground cinnamon (for attraction and warmth in love)
  • White or brown sugar (to sweeten your love life)
  • Dried rose petals (symbolizing love and affection)
  • Pink or red ribbon (colors of love and passion)
  • Paper and a pen
  • Optional: Small crystals like rose quartz (for love) or garnet (for passion)
  • Optional: Other love-drawing herbs like lavender, jasmine, or vanilla bean


  1. Cleanse Your Space: Begin by cleansing your space and materials. You can do this with sage, incense, or simply by setting a clear, peaceful intention.

  2. Set Your Intention: Write your love intention or wish on the piece of paper. Be specific and positive. It could be something like attracting a new love, enhancing the romance in your current relationship, or increasing self-love.

  3. Prepare the Jar: Layer the ingredients in the jar. Start with a base of sugar, then add cinnamon. As you do this, focus on your intention, visualizing your love wish coming to life.

  4. Add Rose Petals and Other Ingredients: Sprinkle the dried rose petals over the cinnamon and sugar layers. If you’re using other herbs or crystals, add them now. Each ingredient should be added with a focus on its symbolic meaning and your intention.

  5. Seal the Jar: Once all your ingredients are in, close the jar tightly.

  6. Wrap the Jar: Tie the pink or red ribbon around the jar, making a bow. This act is symbolic of sealing your intention with love and passion.

  7. Activate the Jar: Hold the jar in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize your love intentions manifesting. You might imagine being surrounded by love, meeting a new romantic partner, or feeling a deepened sense of love in your existing relationship.

  8. Place the Jar: Keep the jar in a special place in your home, such as your bedroom or on a personal altar. Some prefer to keep it hidden, while others like it to be in a visible place as a constant reminder of their intentions.

  9. Maintain the Jar: Periodically, you might want to hold the jar, re-focus on your intention, and perhaps even add more ingredients if you feel called to do so.

  10. Closing the Ritual: When you feel your intentions have been fulfilled, or if you wish to set new intentions, you can dismantle the jar. Thank the universe for the love in your life and dispose of the contents in a respectful way, like burying them or scattering them in nature.

 Links to materials needed to complete the above rituals 

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Magickal resources

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Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation

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Cinnamon, with its cozy, welcoming scent and profound symbolic significance, holds a special place in my heart, especially when it comes to the realm of love magick and rituals. I find myself reaching for this versatile spice in various forms, be it for concocting love potions, crafting candle magick, or creating charm sachets, all in the pursuit of attracting and amplifying romantic feelings.

Using cinnamon in love spells extends from creating sensory-rich experiences with cinnamon-scented candles and anointing oils to more tangible forms like inscribed cinnamon sticks and love jars.

These practices, deeply rooted in symbolism and intention, reflect the spice’s historical and cultural significance in matters of the heart.

They offer a way to focus intentions, manifest desires, and celebrate the essence of love and romance.

If you are interested in learning about some general magickal properties of other essential oils and herbs, check out my article “15 Magical Properties of Essential Oils“.  

If you know of other magickal properties of cinnamon in love spells or different ways in which you use cinnamon in your love rituals, I would love to hear from you so I may incorporate what you share in this article.

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