How To Use Basil In Love Magic And Rituals?

Basil in love magic

By Mark Piatt

Updated on December 1, 2023

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Using basil in love magic and love rituals works because of its historical symbolic and spiritual associations with love, passion, and attraction, and its mystical properties. 

Basil is believed to possess magickal properties that can enhance feelings of love and harmony.

In love spells, basil is often used to strengthen bonds, attract new love, or mend broken relationships.

Its use in rituals can involve carrying basil as a charm, incorporating it in baths or sachets, or using it in spell work, like candle magick.

The belief in basil’s power in love magick stems from folklore and its historical associations with romance, making it a popular choice for these purposes.

In this article, I will explore the fascinating world of how basil is used in love magick and rituals.

On a side note, we all love the taste of basil in our home. We almost always have a basil plant sitting in our living room window seal so we can harvest some for our meals.  

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Symbolism and associations of basil in love spells and rituals used in witchcraft and other traditions

Basil, known for its fragrant leaves and culinary uses, holds a significant place in the realm of witchcraft, particularly in love spells and rituals. Its metaphysical associations and symbolism in these practices are multifaceted, embodying themes of love, protection, and prosperity.

basil leavesIn witchcraft, basil is often used to foster love and attraction.

Its aromatic quality is believed to draw in love and enhance the allure of those who use it. This connection to attraction and sensuality makes it a popular choice in love spells, where it’s used to kindle romance and deepen emotional bonds.

Beyond attraction, basil is also associated with protection.

In love rituals, it’s not just about attracting love but also safeguarding existing relationships. It’s believed to ward off negativity and strife, promoting harmony and understanding between partners.

Additionally, basil symbolizes prosperity, which extends to the flourishing of a relationship.

In love spells, incorporating basil is thought to bring abundance and happiness, ensuring a prosperous and fulfilling union.

Overall, basil’s symbolism in witchcraft is deeply intertwined with themes of love, protection, and prosperity, making it a revered herb in various love-related spells and rituals.

Its presence in these practices is a testament to its enduring mystical qualities and its power to influence the realms of emotion and relationship.

Love spells and potions that include basil

Basil is used in love spells for several reasons rooted in its historical, cultural, and metaphysical associations.  The strong, pleasant aroma of basil is thought to be a powerful tool in attracting lovers

Warning: If you are using basil as part of a love and attraction spell, make sure the person you are interested in is in love with you or their own free will.  Also, be sure your intent is friendly and that the relationship will be healthy for both of you.

Basil is a popular choice in various forms of magickal practices, especially those related to love and attraction.  

In Wicca, an Earth-centered spiritual path, basil is used in various ways to create love magic, harnessing its associations with love, passion, and protection.

Scents are often used in magickal practices to influence emotions and perceptions, and basil’s unique fragrance is thought to be particularly effective in attracting love.

In the following love spell, basil is used to attract new love or enhance the romantic attraction in an existing relationship.

 Basil love attracting spell 

Materials Needed:

  • Fresh basil leaves
  • A small piece of pink or red paper
  • A red candle
  • A pen with red ink
  • A small pouch or container


  1. Prepare the Space: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Cleanse the area if you follow such practices, possibly with sage or by simply ensuring the space is tidy and peaceful.

  2. Candle Setup: Place the red candle in the center of your working area. Red symbolizes passion and love, which amplifies the spell’s intention.

  3. Write Your Intentions: On the pink or red paper, write down your intentions for love. Be specific about the qualities you seek in a partner or the feelings you wish to enhance in your current relationship.

  4. Basil and Paper: Place fresh basil leaves on the paper. As you do this, visualize your intentions, focusing on the qualities of love, attraction, and harmony that basil represents.

  5. Light the Candle: Light the candle while focusing on your intentions. Visualize the flame igniting the energy of love and attraction in your life.

  6. Meditation and Visualization: Spend a few minutes meditating, envisioning your love life blossoming, filled with the aroma and essence of basil, symbolizing attraction and emotional fulfillment.

  7. Conclude the Spell: Once you feel your intentions are set, fold the paper with basil inside and place it in the pouch or container. Extinguish the candle safely.

  8. Carry or Store the Pouch: Keep the pouch with you, in a purse or pocket, or place it somewhere significant in your home, like near your bed, as a constant charm to attract love.

Purchase the materials needed for this ritual:

Basil can also be used to protect relationships by creating a protective and harmonious energy around your relationship.  This protective power can be enhanced when combined with candle magick or words of power.

In the following love spell, basil is used along with candle magick and words of power to protect a relationship.

 A basil and candle relationship protection ritual 

Materials Needed:

  • Fresh or dried basil leaves
  • A white candle (symbolizing peace and purity)
  • A red candle (symbolizing love and passion)
  • A small dish or bowl for the basil
  • Pen and paper
  • A lighter or matches


  • Choose a quiet time when you won’t be disturbed.
  • Cleanse your space, if that’s part of your practice, to remove negative energies.


1.   Setting Up Your Space:

  • Place the white and red candles on your altar or a safe, flat surface.
  • Place the dish of basil leaves between the candles.

2.  Writing Your Intentions:

  • Write down what you wish to protect and strengthen in your relationship on the paper. This could be trust, love, communication, etc.

3.  Basil and Candle Arrangement:

  • Arrange a few basil leaves around each candle. As you do this, focus on the protective and loving qualities of the basil.

4.  Lighting the Candles:

  • Light the white candle first, focusing on the intention of purity, peace, and protection. Then, light the red candle, focusing on love, passion, and strength.

5.  Words of Power:

  • As the candles burn, recite your words of power. This can be a personal incantation or something along these lines:

“With the light of peace and passion, I protect this bond. Basil’s protective embrace, keeps our love strong and fond. Against all strife, our love remains, surrounded by protective flames. This bond is safe, this bond is true, wrapped in love, forever anew.”

6.  Meditation and Visualization:

  • Spend a few minutes meditating on the flames. Visualize a protective light enveloping your relationship, strengthened by the power of basil and your words.

7.  Concluding the Ritual:

  • Once you feel your intentions have been fully focused and sent, you can let the candles burn out safely or extinguish them, assuring you to never blow them out as they can scatter your intentions.

8.  Aftercare:

  • Keep the basil leaves and the piece of paper with your written intentions in a safe place, such as your bedroom, as a reminder of the protection around your relationship.

9.  Regular Reinforcement:

  • Repeat this ritual periodically to reinforce the protective energies around your relationship.

 9 examples that include basil in love magick, love rituals, and love spells: 

  • Love Attraction Sachets: Create sachets filled with dried basil, rose petals, and other love-attracting herbs. These are carried or placed under pillows to draw romantic interests and enhance personal allure.

  • Basil-Infused Love Potions: Brewing teas or infusions with basil leaves, sometimes sweetened with honey, to drink as a love potion. This is believed to open the heart and attract romantic partners.

  • Candle Anointing for Passion: Using basil oil to anoint candles, particularly red or pink ones symbolizing love and passion, before performing love spells. This enhances the candle’s energy towards attracting or deepening love.

  • Harmonizing Relationship Baths: Preparing baths with basil leaves or essential oil to promote harmony in relationships, self-love, or to attract love. The bath is thought to cleanse negative energies and increase attractiveness.

  • Relationship Protection Rituals: Utilizing basil in spells aimed at safeguarding relationships from external negative influences, often by placing basil in shared spaces or using it in candle rituals.

  • Love Binding Spells: Employing basil in binding rituals to strengthen existing bonds, where it’s combined with symbols or items representing the partners, to ensure commitment and loyalty.

  • Love and Prosperity Amulets: Creating amulets or talismans with basil leaves to attract love and ensure the prosperity of a relationship. These amulets are often kept close to maintain a continuous flow of love energy.

  • Basil in Love Letters: Placing basil leaves in love letters or cards to subtly enhance the romantic energy of the message and to convey deep affection and desire to the recipient.

  • Basil and Moon Rituals: Incorporating basil in full moon rituals aimed at love, using its leaves in moon water or as an offering. The full moon’s energy is believed to amplify basil’s love-attracting properties.

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  4. Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation

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Using basil in love magick and rituals has a long history due to its symbolism, fragrance, and associations with love and fertility.

Basil is a potent tool for those seeking to enhance their romantic lives or find true love.

While these practices may vary across cultures and traditions, the allure of basil in matters of the heart remains a timeless and enchanting aspect of love magick.

If you are interested in learning about some general magickal properties of other essential oils and herbs, check out my article “15 Magical Properties of Essential Oils“.  

If you know of other magickal properties of basil or different ways in which you use basil in your love rituals, I would love to hear from you so I may incorporate what you share in this article.

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