15 Magical Properties Of Spearmint?

Magical properties of spearmint - spearmint leaves on a background of glowing colors

By Mark Piatt

Published on February 15, 2024

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The magical properties of spearmint are widely utilized in spells and rituals of protection, healing, love, and mental clarity. Its protective capabilities shield against negative energies, making it essential for creating safe and sacred spaces.

Spearmint’s metaphysical healing qualities are sought after for soothing both physical and emotional ailments, promoting well-being.

In matters of the heart, spearmint aids in attracting and nurturing relationships, while its clarity-boosting properties enhance wisdom and decision-making.

The herb’s alignment with the Air element and Mercury amplifies its effectiveness in communication and intellectual endeavors.

Spearmint’s versatile use in spells and rituals underscores its significance in magickal and spiritual practices, offering a multifaceted tool for practitioners seeking to harness its powerful energies.

Spearmint’s uses are well-documented in modern texts that serve as grimoires for contemporary witches and herbalists interested in the magickal applications of plants.

In this article, I will be taking a closer look at each of the top 15 magickal properties of spearmint and for each property, I will include a spell example or ritual and the procedure for completing that spell or ritual.

I will also look at its historical use in magick and include its magickal correspondence.

Table Of The Top 15 Magical Properties Of Spearmint

Magical PropertyExamples
ProtectionWarding off negative energy, Safeguarding the home, Amulets
HealingPromoting physical health, Emotional well-being, Recovery spells
Mental Clarity & WisdomEnhancing decision-making, Improving focus, Study aids
Love & RelationshipsAttracting love, Harmonizing relationships, Friendship spells
Spiritual CleansingPurifying spaces, Removing negative vibes, Bath rituals
Dream WorkPromoting restful sleep, Dream recall, Protection in dreams
Financial ProsperityAttracting wealth, Abundance spells, Business success
Travel ProtectionSafe journeys, Protection during travel, Guarding against mishaps
Attracting Positive EnergyInviting positivity, Enhancing mood, Energizing spaces
Enhancing CommunicationClearing misunderstandings, Fostering open dialogue, Improving social interactions
Promoting Peace & HarmonyReducing conflict, Creating tranquil environments, Meditation aids
Fostering FriendshipStrengthening bonds, Making new friends, Community building
Improving Memory & FocusAids in memory retention, Concentration spells, Learning enhancements
Easing Stress & AnxietyCalming rituals, Stress relief spells, Anxiety reduction
Purification RitualsCleansing ceremonies, Purifying tools, Spiritual baths


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only.  Occult properties of herbs and essential oils are provided for historical interest only.  For possible treatments of physical or mental diseases, please seek a trained and licensed health professional.  Enchanted Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse side effects resulting from the use of any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from the following historical uses of herbs and essential oils.

What is Spearmint?

Spearmint, scientifically known as Mentha spicata, is a species of mint native to Europe and Asia but now widely cultivated around the world. It is a perennial herb with a sweet, refreshing flavor and is distinguished by its pointed leaves and distinctive, pleasant aroma.

Spearmint’s fresh, invigorating scent and its association with positive energies make it a favorite among practitioners for spells, charms, and potions aimed at attracting love, prosperity, and spiritual cleansing.

Its gentle yet effective properties also lend themselves to dream work, aiding in restful sleep and encouraging insightful dreams.

Overall, spearmint is celebrated in the magickal community for its broad spectrum of spiritual uses.

Depending on the source, when it comes to magick, as can be seen in the following chart of the 15 most popular herbs used in magick, spearmint leads the pack due to its versatile applications in protection, healing, and more. 

Chart showing the top 15 herbs used in magic: Spearmint, Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Mugwort, Basil, Thyme, Mint, Cinnamon, patchouli, Bay Leaves, Chamomile, Dandelion, Garlic, Ginger

Summary Of The 15 Magical Properties Of Spearmint?

1.  Protection

Spearmint is revered in magickal practices for its strong protective powers. It is used to ward off negative energies, create safe and sacred spaces, and shield individuals from harm. Its refreshing aroma and vibrant energy also promote a sense of peace and security, making it a trusted herb in protective rituals. 

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2.  Healing

Spearmint is cherished for its magickal healing properties, offering both physical and emotional relief. It aids in soothing ailments, enhancing emotional well-being, and promoting recovery. Utilized in healing spells and potions, spearmint’s vibrant essence invigorates the spirit and accelerates healing processes, making it a staple in therapeutic rituals.

3.  Mental Clarity and Wisdom

Spearmint is revered for its magickal properties that foster clarity and wisdom. It is believed to clear the mind, sharpen focus, and promote profound insight. In rituals and spells, spearmint aids in understanding complex concepts, making wise decisions, and enhancing memory, serving as a key herb for intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

4.  Love and relationships

Spearmint is highly valued for its magickal properties in love and relationships. It is used to attract romantic partners, enhance understanding and communication, and heal relationship wounds. Its gentle, soothing energy promotes harmony, fosters mutual respect, and rekindles passion, making it an essential herb in spells for love and reconciliation.

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5.  Spiritual Cleansing

Spearmint is esteemed for its spiritual cleansing powers, effectively purifying spaces, auras, and objects of negative energies. Its refreshing scent and vibrant essence dispel negativity, invite positive vibes, and promote a tranquil atmosphere. Utilized in cleansing rituals and baths, spearmint is essential for maintaining spiritual purity and balance.

6.  Dream Work

Spearmint is widely used in dream work for its power to promote peaceful sleep and vivid, insightful dreams. Its calming scent helps to ward off nightmares, ensuring a restful night. By enhancing dream recall and clarity, spearmint aids in accessing subconscious wisdom and facilitating spiritual messages through dreams.

If you are interested in learning about essential oils that have dream-enhancing properties, check out this article “17 Essential Oils With Magical Dream Properties“.

7.  Financial Prosperity

Spearmint is renowned for its ability to attract financial prosperity and abundance. It is utilized in spells and rituals to draw wealth, increase income, and promote business success. By fostering a positive mindset and encouraging growth, spearmint helps manifest financial goals, making it a valuable ally in wealth-seeking endeavors.

8.  Travel Protection

Spearmint is cherished for its travel protection powers, offering safeguarding energies to those on the move. It is believed to ward off misfortunes and ensure safe journeys, making it a favored companion for travelers. Carrying spearmint or using it in protective amulets can invoke its protective aura, ensuring peace of mind while traveling.

9.  Attracting Positive Energy

Spearmint is celebrated for its ability to attract positive energy, creating an atmosphere of optimism and joy. Its vibrant and refreshing essence cleanses the environment, dispelling negativity and inviting positivity. Utilized in spells and rituals, spearmint enhances mood, promotes positivity, and energizes spaces, making it indispensable for uplifting practices.

10.  Enhancing Communication

Spearmint is highly regarded for its powers to enhance communication, making it a key herb in rituals aimed at improving dialogue and understanding. Its calming properties soothe tensions, clear misunderstandings, and foster open, honest exchanges. By promoting clarity of thought and speech, spearmint aids in strengthening connections and resolving conflicts.

11.  Promoting Peace And Harmony

Spearmint is valued in magickal practices for its ability to promote peace and harmony. Its soothing energy calms conflicts, eases stress, and fosters a serene environment. Spearmint encourages cooperation and understanding by harmonizing energies, making it ideal for rituals aimed at creating balance, tranquility, and unity in relationships and spaces.

12.  Fostering Friendship

Spearmint is renowned for its magickal ability to foster friendship and strengthen social bonds. Its gentle, inviting energy encourages new connections, deepens existing relationships, and promotes mutual understanding and respect. By facilitating open communication and shared experiences, spearmint aids in building lasting friendships and a supportive community.

13.  Improving Memory And Focus

Spearmint is celebrated for its ability to improve memory and focus, making it a valuable tool in spells and practices for cognitive enhancement. Its stimulating yet soothing properties help clear the mind, sharpen concentration, and enhance retention of information, aiding in learning, decision-making, and intellectual pursuits.

14.  Easing Stress And Anxiety

Thanks to its calming and soothing properties, Spearmint is widely used in magickal practices to ease stress and anxiety. It promotes relaxation, reduces tension, and fosters a sense of well-being. In rituals and as an aromatic aid, spearmint helps to dissipate worries, inviting peace and mental clarity.

15.  Purification Rituals

Spearmint holds significant purification powers in magickal practices, effectively cleansing spaces, objects, and auras of negative energies. Its refreshing and revitalizing scent purges unwanted vibrations, promoting a clean and sacred atmosphere. Utilized in purification rituals, spearmint restores harmony and purity, making it essential for spiritual cleansing.

15 Spells that Include Spearmint?

  1. Protection Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint leaves, a white candle, and a small pouch.
    • Procedure: Light the candle and focus on your intention for protection. Place spearmint leaves into the pouch while visualizing a protective barrier around you. Carry the pouch with you or place it in your home for ongoing protection.
  2. Healing Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint tea, a green candle, and a photo or name of the person needing healing.
    • Procedure: Brew the spearmint tea while lighting the green candle. Focus on the individual’s well-being, then drink the tea or offer it to them, envisioning health and recovery with each sip.
  3. Clarity and Wisdom Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Dried spearmint, a yellow candle, and a clear quartz crystal.
    • Procedure: Light the candle, hold the crystal, and sprinkle spearmint around the candle base. Focus on gaining clarity and wisdom, then carry the crystal as a talisman.
  4. Love and Relationship Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Fresh spearmint leaves, pink candles, and rose quartz.
    • Procedure: Light the candles to create a loving atmosphere. Place the spearmint leaves and rose quartz on your altar or bedroom to attract love or heal a relationship.
  5. Spiritual Cleansing Bath: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint oil, sea salt, and lavender.
    • Procedure: Add a few drops of spearmint oil and lavender to a bath with sea salt. Soak in the bath while visualizing negative energies washing away, leaving you spiritually cleansed.
  6. Dream Work Pillow: 

    • Ingredients: Dried spearmint, lavender, and a small pillow or pouch.
    • Procedure: Mix spearmint and lavender, then fill the pillow or pouch. Place it under your pillow to promote peaceful and insightful dreams.
  7. Financial Prosperity Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint leaves, a green candle, and a coin.
    • Procedure: Light the candle, place the coin in front of it, and surround it with spearmint leaves. Visualize abundance flowing to you, then carry the coin as a prosperity charm.
  8. Travel Protection Amulet: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint leaves, a piece of turquoise, and a small bag.
    • Procedure: Fill the bag with spearmint leaves and a piece of turquoise. Carry this amulet when traveling to ensure safety and protection.
  9. Positive Energy Room Spray: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint essential oil, water, and a spray bottle.
    • Procedure: Mix spearmint oil with water in a spray bottle. Use it to spritz around your home or workspace to attract positive energy and uplift the mood.
  10. Enhancing Communication Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint tea, a blue candle, and a paper with written intentions.
    • Procedure: Brew the spearmint tea, light the blue candle, and place the paper underneath it. Drink the tea while focusing on clear and effective communication.
  11. Promoting Peace and Harmony Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint incense, white candles, and an amethyst crystal.
    • Procedure: Light the incense and candles, placing the amethyst crystal nearby. Meditate on bringing peace and harmony into your life and environment.
  12. Fostering Friendship Charm: 

    • Ingredients: Dried spearmint, a small charm or locket, and a piece of paper with names.
    • Procedure: Place spearmint and the names inside the charm or locket. Carry it with you to strengthen existing friendships or attract new ones.
  13. Memory and Focus Boosting Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint leaves, a clear candle, and a tiger’s eye stone.
    • Procedure: Light the candle, hold the stone, and surround yourself with spearmint leaves. Focus on enhancing your memory and concentration.
  14. Stress and Anxiety Relief Spell: 

    • Ingredients: Spearmint tea, a calming playlist, and a soothing bath.
    • Procedure: Prepare a spearmint tea, draw a bath, and play calming music. Soak in the bath while drinking the tea, visualizing stress melting away.
  15. Purification Ritual: 

    • Ingredients: A bundle of dried spearmint, a white candle, and a bowl of water.
    • Procedure: Light the candle, then pass the spearmint bundle through the flame with care. Sprinkle water around your space, then waft the smoke from the spearmint to purify the area.

Magickal Correspondence Of Spearmint

  • Gender Alignment: Female
  • Elemental Association: Air
  • Solar System Objects: Mercury
  • Astrological Signs: Virgo
  • Deities Association:
    • Venus: Tied to love, beauty, and pleasure.
    • Demeter: Goddess of agriculture, fertility, and the harvest.
  • Chakras Association: Heart Chakra (Anahata), focusing on love, compassion, and acceptance.
  • Crystals Association:
    • Green Aventurine: Attracts prosperity and encourages compassion.
    • Jade: Offers protection, promotes harmony, and supports emotional release.
  • Seasons Association:
    • Spring: Reflecting growth, renewal, and freshness.
    • Summer: Associated with abundance, vitality, and energy.

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Spearmint’s versatility and potent properties make it a valuable ally in various magickal practices, from creating protective barriers to enhancing communication and fostering relationships.

Its gentle energy, combined with powerful effects, offers a unique balance that can enrich spiritual work.

Given spearmint’s accessibility and ease of use, it stands as an excellent herb for both seasoned practitioners and those new to magickal practices.

Trying spearmint in rituals or daily life can open pathways to improved well-being, deeper connections, and a greater understanding of the natural world’s magickal essence.

If you are interested in learning about some general magickal properties of other essential oils and herbs, check out my article “15 Magical Properties of Essential Oils“.  

If you know of other magickal properties of spearmint or different ways in which you use spearmint on your spiritual journey, I would love to hear from you so I may incorporate what you share in this article.

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