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Serene Living Fountain Glass ultrasonic diffuser

By Mark Piatt

Updated on June 13, 2022

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All glass ultrasonic diffusers are not easy to come by. 

Sure, if you do a search for glass diffusers, you will come up with pages and pages of “glass” diffusers.  But when you look more closely, you will see the outer part is made of glass while the inner reservoir is made of plastic or they are not ultrasonic diffusers, but instead, are nebulizing diffusers.

Even here at Enchanted Aromatics, we sell many glass diffusers, but almost all of them have an inner plastic reservoir.  Click Here if you are interested in seeing our glass diffuser lineup (with medical-grade plastic reservoirs).

Most diffusers that are glass are of the nebulizing variety.  A nebulizer does not dilute the essential oil in water.  Instead, a nebulizer diffuser atomizes the essential directly into your room. 

The aroma from a nebulizing diffuser is intense.  For many people, a nebulizing diffuser is far too powerful and can even induce asthma in people who do not normally suffer from asthma.

These types of diffusers should only be run for about 15 minutes, otherwise, they can overwhelm a room.

In this article, we are going to look at a few “all glass” ultrasonic diffusers and compare the pros and cons of each of them.  Hopefully, if you are looking for a “true” all-glass diffuser, you will be able to find the best diffuser for your needs. 

Keep in mind, that the best ultrasonic diffuser is the diffuser that you use and enjoy.

What is wrong with a plastic diffuser?

Woman looking confusedAll plastic diffusers will slowly leach out chemicals throughout its life.  If the plastic comes into contact with a caustic substance, such as some essential oils, the leaching of chemicals will be accelerated.

Most diffusers are made from BPA-free plastic such as polypropylene.  

BPA (Bisphenol A) is an endocrine disrupter and is one of the most prevalent chemicals found in plastic.  And it is not the only harmful chemical that leaches out of plastic.  

Unfortunately, you can still purchase some cheap diffusers that are not made of BPA-free plastic.

The problem is that BPA is not the only harmful chemical that can be leached out from plastic diffusers.

As of right now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers polypropylene to be safe for storing items used for human consumption.  The problem with polypropylene is it still leaches small amounts of chemicals. 

This plastic can also differ between manufacturers, and in some cases, between batches.  

The effects many of these chemicals have on humans and the environment are not well understood at this time.

Essential oils are highly volatile, and in some cases, can be highly corrosive.  This is the reason why essential bottles are made of glass.  

If you are either sensitive to some of the chemicals found in plastic or are concerned about possible health effects down the road, then you should consider using an all-glass diffuser.

To find out more about the possible toxicity of plastics used in essential oil diffusers, check out our article “Is The Plastic In Essential Oil Diffusers Toxic“.

Why are you purchasing essential oils in glass bottles and then putting them in a plastic diffuser?  

To avoid all the possible problems associated with essential oils used with plastic, it is best to choose a diffuser that uses a glass water reservoir.

Let us look at some “TRUE” all-glass diffusers

List Of All Glass Ultrasonic Diffusers


Levoair Ultrasonic Glass Diffuser

  • 200 ML glass reservoir
  • 7 LED Color light
  • 20 hour max running time
  • Solid wood base
  • Runs off included adapter

Lecdura Ultrasonic Glass Diffuser

  • 80 ML glass reservoir
  • 7 LED Color light
  • 5 hour max running time
  • Solid wood base
  • Runs off included adapter

Elehome Ultrasonic Glass Diffuser

  • 80 ML glass reservoir
  • 7 LED Color light
  • 5 hour max running time
  • Solid wood base
  • Runs off included adapter

Comparison of Key Features

(Note to mobile users – you can scroll left to right to see the entire table)

Time in
Levoair200 ml
6.76 oz
always on
Lecdura80 ml
2.71 oz
5.543 - 54.6"x5"
Elehome80 ml
2.71 oz
5.543 - 5
Serene Living200 ml
6.76 oz
14.487 - 147"x7"

As a general rule of thumb, the more water used per hour the larger the room the diffuser can be used in.  But other factors can affect this such as the airflow in the room.

As a comparison, in the past, we have sold diffusers that can use several ounces of water per hour.  In my opinion, I would say all 4 of these diffusers are good for small to medium size rooms.

We have our Serene Living Fountain diffuser in the living room with good airflow.  The dimensions are about 20′ x 15′.  The aroma can be smelled throughout the room and down the hallway.

For a large room, you really want a diffuser that uses at least 1 ounce of water per hour.

Advantages of a glass diffuser

  • The essential oil never comes in contact with plastic.
  • Mold is less likely to grow on glass versus plastic.
  • Does not transfer the smell of the plastic to the oil.
  • You can see the diffusing in action through the clear glass.

Disadvantages of a glass diffuser

  • The glass is delicate and can easily break.
  • Glass diffusers tend to be heavier than their plastic counterparts.
  • Very few designs to choose from.
  • The internal structures of the glass globes can be a bit difficult to clean due to their cramped space and delicacy.  Best to use a wire brush.

We currently use 5 diffusers in our home and by far, my favorite diffuser is the Serene Living Fountain Diffuser.  Not only because it is all glass, but it looks good and it works great.

It is such a beautiful diffuser and I like the piece of mind knowing that no chemicals from plastic may be slowly leaching into the atmosphere.  Who knows what that exposure can do 30 years down the line?

You know how the government is.  They tell us something is safe and then 20-30 years down the line, they apologize for the harm the “safe” product has caused.  

I have not personally used the other diffusers from this article, but looking at the reviews, people seem to be quite happy with them.  

Also, each of these diffusers has some good videos on their usage.  They would be worth checking out if you are considering purchasing one of these diffusers.

Buyer beware – Things to look out for

Woman looking concernedWhen looking for an “all glass” diffuser, do not be fooled by diffusers that look like the ones in this article and are even described as glass diffusers.

Most of these companies hide the fact that their internal water reservoirs are plastic.  Look carefully at the pictures and read the customer reviews.

Here at Enchanted Aromatics, when we sell a “glass” diffuser, if it has a plastic reservoir (like most do), we clearly state that in the product description and the product specifications.

It is important to keep your diffuser clean.  Even glass diffusers can grow mold if not cleaned properly.

The ultrasonic plate can also not work as efficiently or can stop working altogether if too much oil build-up occurs.  You can soak vinegar in your diffuser to help break down those oil buildups and remove the smell of previous oils.


If you prefer an all-glass diffuser, your choices are limited.  But using the few that are available will provide you some peace of mind in knowing there is no chance of breathing in chemicals that are leaching from the plastic.

If you are going through all the trouble of purchasing an all-glass diffuser, be sure you are getting a good quality essential oil from a reputable company.  No sense in using an essential oil that has been adulterated with chemicals made in a laboratory.  


Information provided in this description is for educational purposes only.  For possible treatments of physical or mental diseases, please seek a trained and licensed health professional.  Enchanted Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse side effects resulting from the use of any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from following historical uses of essential oils.

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