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What Are The Magical Properties Of Ylang Ylang?

Magical properties of ylang ylang

In spiritual and magickal practices, the magical properties of ylang ylang result from the exotic and fragrant scent of the flower.  The scent from ylang ylang is believed to promote love and romance, is used to enhance intuition, and is used in anointing, consecration, and healing rituals.  The symbolic attributes of ylang ylang make it …

What Are The Magical Properties Of Eucalyptus?

Magical properties of eucalyptus - close up of eucalyptus leaves

In folklore and magickal circles, the magical properties of eucalyptus are often associated with protection, purification, banishing, and spiritual well-being.  Since ancient times, eucalyptus has been used to call on the spirit of the koala bear. When I think of eucalyptus, I think of my mom giving me Vicks Vaper rub when I had a …

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