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What Are The Magical Properties Of Lemons?

Magical properties of lemons

The magical properties of lemons are revered in magick for their purification and protection characteristics.  Their vibrant hue symbolizes positivity, making them ideal for banishing negativity.  Lemons cleanse spaces and auras, and in many traditions, aid in love spells, boost psychic abilities, and guard against malevolent forces. The magickal properties of lemons are rooted in …

What Are The Magical Properties Of Spruce?

Magical properties of spruce - close up of a spruce branch.

The magical properties of spruce trees represent protection, resilience, and endurance.  Revered in spiritual traditions, spruce signifies rebirth and connection to the Divine and is often used in winter rituals.  Its needles, bark, and resin purify spaces and dispel negative energies.  While most of these associations are rooted in ancient beliefs and folklore, the spiritual …

What Are The Magical Properties Of Grapefruit?

Magical properties of grapefruit

Like all citrus fruits, the magical properties of grapefruit carry a wealth of magickal uses.  Cleansing, protection, and enhancing psychic abilities are some of the more popular magickal uses of grapefruit. Created from an illicit cross-breeding between a pomelo and an orange tree in the 18th century, grapefruit does not have the old-world magickal history …

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