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What Are The Magical Properties Of Patchouli?

Magical properties of patchouli

The magical properties of patchouli carry a wealth of symbolic meanings that have been utilized in many different traditions and contexts.  With its deep and earthy scent, patchouli is a powerful herb in magickal contexts. But these are not the only magickal properties associated with patchouli.  DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is for …

What Are The Magical Properties Of Oranges?

Magical properties of oranges

The magical properties of oranges carry significant symbolic and spiritual elements across different traditions.  Besides being known for providing positive uplifting energy, oranges are often used in various spells and rituals including cleansing, love, prosperity, creativity, and solar rites.   Like many other ingredients, oranges are often used in various occult and witchcraft practices because of …

What Are The Magical Properties Of Jasmine?

Magical properties of jasmine

The magical properties of jasmine have a most intoxicating scent that is alluring to many.  This enchanting aroma can evoke strong spiritual and magickal responses associated with love, romance, and pleasant dreams, and can lead to a strong spiritual connection. The name ‘Jasmine’ originates from the Persian word ‘yasmin’ which translates to “gift from God”. …

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