Freshen Your Space The Natural Way With Our 100% Natural Essential Oil Singles From Artisan Aromatics And SpaRoom

Experience The Power Of These Single Note Essential Oils.

Our Essential Oils Have No Additives, Fillers, Bases, Or Carriers That Inexpensive Essential Oils Have.  Find An Essential Oil That Is Right For You.

When Looking For A Good Essential Oil, Keep The Following In Mind.

  • Is the specific essential oil far less expensive compared to the same essential oil being sold by other companies.  This is a big red flag.  If the oil is really cheap, it is probably is not the real thing.
  • Watch out for inexpensive synthetics and “watered” down essential oils being sold cheap.
  • Does the company print the Latin name on the label?  All our bottles include this information.
  • Is the name of the country where the plants are being grown provided?  All our essential oils have this information.
  • If the oil is not 100% pure you should be informed.  With few exceptions, all our essential oils are 100% pure, and have not been “watered” down with carrier oils or other additives.
  • Does the essential oil smell as you suspect it should.  Sometimes, essential oils that have had synthetics or other substances added will have a chemical smell.  Although, some essential oils such as Tea Tree and Eucalyptus have a natural chemical smell.  The companies we carry have their essential Oils GCMS tested by independent labs to insure their purity.
  • The labeling should indicate if the plant was organically grown, wildcrafted, farm grown, etc.  All our bottles include this information.