15 Magical Properties Of Mugwort

magical properties of mugwort - mugwort plant on a background of purple swirls.

By Mark Piatt

Published on February 28, 2024

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The magical properties of mugwort are revered for their powerful spiritual and magical properties, including dream enhancement, psychic abilities, protection, and purification. It aids in astral projection, and spirit communication, and fosters healing and spiritual growth, making it a staple in many mystical practices.

This article will cover what mugwort is and how it relates to magic, its magical correspondence, a brief description of its top 15 magical or spiritual properties (although there are more), and a magical ritual you can perform for each magical property.

Comprehensive Table Of The Top 15 Magical And Spiritual Properties Of Mugort

Please note that this table categorizes each use as either primarily magical or spiritual, with three brief examples to illustrate how mugwort is employed in these contexts. The distinctions between “magical” and “spiritual” can sometimes overlap, reflecting the herb’s versatile role in various practices and beliefs. 

1Dream EnhancementSpiritualDream pillows, sleep rituals, dream journals
2Astral ProjectionMagicalPre-travel rituals, anointing oils, meditation aids
3Psychic PowersSpiritualDivination tools, psychic development exercises, third eye anointing
4Spirit CommunicationSpiritualAltar offerings, spirit boards, mediumship sessions
5ProtectionMagicalAmulets, protective wreaths, spell jars
6HealingSpiritualHealing rituals, anointing the sick, infused healing baths
7PurificationMagicalSmudging ceremonies, cleansing baths, space clearing
8LoveMagicalLove attraction sachets, love potions and teas, and candle magic spells
9Lucid DreamingSpiritualLucid dream teas, before-bed meditations, dream intention setting
10Stimulation of CreativitySpiritualCreative workshops, artist’s charms, inspiration spells
11Spiritual GrowthSpiritualMeditation aids, spiritual retreats, growth rituals
12DivinationMagicalTarot spreads, rune casting, scrying practices
13WardingMagicalHouse protection spells, protective talismans, enchanted barriers
14Transition RitualsSpiritualGraduation rituals, moving ceremonies, career transition spells
15Empowerment of WishesMagicalNew moon rituals, wish spells, manifestation circles

What is Mugwort?

Mugwort, scientifically known as Artemisia vulgaris, is a perennial herb with a rich history in folklore, traditional medicine, and magical practices.

This aromatic plant, characterized by its silvery-green leaves and reddish-purple stems, has been used for centuries across various cultures for its potent magical, spiritual, and metaphysical properties.

Mugwort is most renowned for its ability to enhance dreams, facilitate astral projection, and strengthen psychic abilities, making it a cherished herb in the realm of divination and spiritual exploration.

The magical properties of mugwort are often used for protection, purification, and healing.

Mugwort is believed to ward off negative energies and spirits, cleanse auras and sacred spaces, and promote physical and emotional healing.

The herb is also linked to fertility and creative inspiration, embodying feminine energy and the power of the moon.

Practitioners of witchcraft and herbal magic incorporate mugwort into spells, amulets, and rituals to harness its mystical energies.

Whether used in dried form, as an essential oil or burned as incense, mugwort continues to be a versatile and powerful tool in the magical community, bridging the physical and spiritual worlds.

Magickal Correspondence Of Mugwort

Gender AlignmentFemale
Elemental RelationsEarth, Water
Solar System ObjectsMoon, Venus
Astrological SignsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Associated DeitiesMugwort is associated with several deities across different mythologies, reflecting its importance in spiritual and magical practices. The deities most commonly linked to mugwort include: Artemis (Greek Mythology), Diana (Roman Mythology), and Hecate (Greek Mythology.
Associated ChakrasThird Eye, Crown
Associated CrystalsMoonstone, Amethyst
Associated SeasonsSummer, especially Midsummer
Special PowersDream enhancement, Protection, Psychic abilities
Folk NamesSt. John's Plant, Sailor's Tobacco, Witch Herb

Summary Of The 15 Magical Properties Of Mugwort

1.  Dream Enhancement

Mugwort is revered in spiritual practices for its potent dream-enhancing properties. Traditionally, it’s used by placing dried leaves under the pillow or brewing them into a tea before bedtime to promote vivid and lucid dreams.

This practice is believed to open the doors to the subconscious, allowing for deeper introspection and spiritual guidance. Mugwort’s ability to bridge the conscious and subconscious realms makes it a valuable tool for those seeking to explore their inner worlds and unlock psychic visions.

If you are interested in learning about essential oils that have dream-enhancing properties, check out this article “17 Essential Oils With Magical Dream Properties“.

2.  Astral Projection

Mugwort is highly valued in magical practices for facilitating astral projection and enhancing out-of-body experiences. It is commonly used by anointing the forehead with mugwort oil, burning it as incense, or placing it near the bed to safeguard the spirit during its journey. 

These rituals harness mugwort’s ethereal properties to thin the veil between the physical and astral planes, providing protection and clarity to the traveler. Its potent energies are believed to empower the soul’s voyage, making astral journeys more accessible and profound.

3.  Psychic Powers

Mugwort is esteemed in spiritual circles for its ability to heighten psychic powers. Aligning the user with higher states of consciousness, mugwort opens the channels for enhanced intuition and psychic reception.

Practitioners may drink mugwort tea, carry it as a talisman, or use its smoke for smudging before engaging in psychic activities like tarot reading or mediumship. This sacred herb acts as a conduit, amplifying psychic abilities and facilitating clearer communication with the spiritual realm, thereby deepening one’s spiritual insights.

4.  Spirit Communication

Mugwort serves as a powerful tool for spirit communication in spiritual practices, facilitating a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Its use ranges from burning as incense during séances or rituals, to being carried in pouches or placed on altars as an offering to spirits. 

This practice is believed to enhance the veil’s thinning, allowing clearer and more profound interactions with spirits, ancestors, and other entities. Mugwort’s ethereal qualities help to open and protect the psychic channels necessary for such communications.

5.  Magical Protection

Mugwort is widely employed in magical practices for protection against negative energies and spiritual entities. It is often crafted into protective amulets, hung over doorways, or burned as incense to create a protective barrier around a space or person.

Mugwort’s potent energies are believed to ward off evil spirits and dispel negative vibrations, ensuring a safe and sacred environment. By invoking mugwort’s protective qualities, practitioners shield themselves and their spaces, fostering a sanctuary of peace and spiritual safety.

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6.  Spiritual Healing

Mugwort is revered for its spiritual healing properties, often used in rituals to cleanse the aura and align the chakras. It can be burned as incense or used in bath rituals, where its aromatic smoke or infused waters are believed to penetrate the spiritual body, releasing blockages and restoring balance. 

This sacred herb supports emotional, physical, and energetic healing, connecting individuals with their inner selves and the healing power of nature. Through mugwort, practitioners find a path to rejuvenation and spiritual wholeness.

7.  Magical Purification

Mugwort is extensively used in magical practices for purification, serving to cleanse spaces, objects, and individuals of negative energies and influences. By burning mugwort as incense or smudging, its smoke is believed to carry away impurities, leaving a purified and sanctified area.

This ritual is often performed during sacred ceremonies, before spellwork, or in new homes to establish a protective clean energetic foundation. Mugwort’s powerful cleansing properties make it a staple in the arsenal of magical practitioners.

8.  Love Magic

Mugwort is utilized in love magic to attract and strengthen romantic connections. It is often incorporated into love spells, potions, and sachets, working alongside ingredients like rose petals and honey to enhance its power.

By burning mugwort as incense or adding it to baths, practitioners create a magnetic aura that draws love toward them. Its energy is believed to open the heart, increase attractiveness, and support emotional healing, making it a potent ally in matters of the heart.

If you are interested in learning more about how mugwort is used in love magic, please check out my article “How To Use Mugwort In Love Spells And Rituals?“.

9.  Lucid Dreaming

Mugwort is highly valued in spiritual practices for its ability to enhance lucid dreaming. Promoting a deeper state of consciousness and dream recall serves as a bridge to the subconscious mind.

Practitioners may place mugwort under their pillow, burn it as incense, or consume it as tea before sleep to invoke vivid and controllable dreams. This sacred herb opens the doors to exploring the dream world with awareness, allowing for profound self-discovery and spiritual insights during the dream state.

10.  Stimulation Of Creativity

Mugwort is celebrated for its ability to stimulate creativity and unlock the doors of imagination. Spiritually, it is used to clear mental blocks and open the mind to new ideas.

Artists, writers, and creators may burn mugwort as incense, carry it as a talisman, or incorporate it into meditation practices to enhance their creative flow. This sacred herb acts as a muse, encouraging the exploration of inner landscapes and the birthing of innovative ideas and artistic expressions.

11.  Spiritual Growth

Mugwort is a powerful ally for spiritual growth, facilitating deeper connections with the self and the divine. It is used in meditation and ritual practices to enhance intuition, expand consciousness, and promote self-reflection.

By burning mugwort as incense or incorporating it into spiritual baths, individuals can clear energetic blockages and align with their higher purpose. This sacred herb supports the journey of awakening, helping seekers navigate their spiritual path with clarity and insight.

12.  Divination

Mugwort is widely used in magical practices for divination, enhancing the clarity and depth of psychic visions and intuitive insights. By burning mugwort as incense during tarot readings, scrying, or rune casting, its smoke is believed to open the third eye and facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.

This sacred herb acts as a conduit for messages from the beyond, allowing diviners to interpret signs and symbols with greater accuracy and connect more deeply with the unseen forces guiding their work.

13.  Warding

Mugwort is employed in magical practices for warding off negative energies and protecting against spiritual harm. It is often crafted into protective talismans, hung around the home, or used to anoint doorways and windowsills.

By creating a barrier against malevolent forces, mugwort ensures a safe and sacred space. Its potent vibrations are especially valued for creating circles of protection during rituals, safeguarding practitioners and their environments from psychic attacks and negative influences, thereby maintaining a harmonious and purified atmosphere.

14.  Transition Rituals

Mugwort is a key herb in spiritual practices for facilitating transitions and transformations. It is used in rituals marking significant life changes such as births, coming-of-age, marriages, and even crossing over in death.

Burning mugwort or incorporating it into ceremonial practices, helps to clear old energies, protect during vulnerable times, and bless new beginnings. Its presence supports the soul’s journey, easing the passage between states and imbuing these pivotal moments with sacred energy and intention.

15.  Empowerment Of Wishes

Mugwort is utilized in magic to empower and manifest wishes. By focusing intentions and desires on the herb, practitioners harness its energy during rituals, especially under the new moon, which is a potent time for setting intentions.

Mugwort can be burned as incense, carried in sachets, or circled candles representing the wish. This practice amplifies the wish’s energy, sending it into the universe with clarity and purpose, thus enhancing the likelihood of manifestation. Mugwort acts as a catalyst, bridging the gap between desire and reality, making it a powerful ally in wish fulfillment.

15 Spells And Rituals That Include Mugwort


The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only.  Occult properties of herbs and essential oils are provided for historical interest only.  For possible treatments of physical or mental diseases, please seek a trained and licensed health professional.  Enchanted Aromatics is not responsible for any adverse side effects resulting from the use of any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from the following historical uses of herbs and essential oils.

1. Dream Enhancement Spell

Ingredients: Dried mugwort, lavender, dream pillow.

Procedure: Fill a dream pillow with dried mugwort and lavender. Place under your pillow to enhance dreams and improve dream recall.

2. Astral Projection Blend

Ingredients: Mugwort oil, amethyst crystal, white candle.

Procedure: Anoint your forehead with mugwort oil, light the white candle, and hold the amethyst crystal. Meditate on your intention to astral project.

3. Psychic Ability Tea

Ingredients: Mugwort leaves, tea water, honey.

Procedure: Brew a tea with mugwort leaves. Add honey to sweeten the tea. Sip before divination practices to enhance psychic abilities.

4. Spirit Communication Incense

Ingredients: Dried mugwort, sandalwood, charcoal disc.

Procedure: Burn a mixture of dried mugwort and sandalwood on a charcoal disc during séances or mediumship to facilitate spirit communication.

5. Protective Amulet

Ingredients: Dried mugwort, black tourmaline, small pouch.

Procedure: Place dried mugwort and black tourmaline in a small pouch. Carry with you for protection against negative energies.

6. Healing Bath Ritual

Ingredients: Mugwort leaves, Epsom salts, lavender oil.

Procedure: Prepare a bath with Epsom salts, mugwort leaves, and a few drops of lavender oil. Soak to promote healing and relaxation.

7. Purification Smudge Stick

Ingredients: Mugwort, sage, string.

Procedure: Bundle mugwort and sage together, tie with string, and dry. Burn as a smudge stick to purify spaces.

8. Love Drawing Bath

Ingredients: Mugwort, rose petals, pink Himalayan salt.

Procedure: Prepare a warm bath and add mugwort, rose petals, and pink Himalayan salt. Soak in the bath while focusing on your intention to attract love. Visualize yourself surrounded by love and light, drawing in the perfect partner or enhancing the love within an existing relationship. This ritual combines mugwort’s magical properties with the romantic energy of roses and the cleansing power of salt to open the heart to love.

9. Lucid Dreaming Mist

Ingredients: Mugwort infusion, lavender essential oil, spray bottle.

Procedure: Create a mugwort infusion, add lavender oil, and place in a spray bottle. Mist around your bed before sleep to encourage lucid dreaming.

10. Creativity Anointing Oil

Ingredients: Mugwort oil, orange peel, almond oil.

Procedure: Mix mugwort oil with almond oil and add orange peel. Anoint your wrists and temples to stimulate creativity.

11. Spiritual Growth Anointing

Ingredients: Mugwort, frankincense oil, candle.

Procedure: Anoint yourself with a blend of mugwort and frankincense oil. Light the candle and meditate on your spiritual growth.

12. Divination Enhancement Sachet

Ingredients: Dried mugwort, bay leaves, purple cloth.

Procedure: Place dried mugwort and bay leaves in a purple cloth sachet. Keep with your divination tools to enhance their power.

13. Warding Spell Jar

Ingredients: Mugwort, black salt, small jar.

Procedure: Fill a small jar with mugwort and black salt. Seal and bury at the four corners of your property for protection.

14. Transition Ritual Incense

Ingredients: Mugwort, cedar, white candle.

Procedure: Burn mugwort and cedar as incense during life transition rituals. Light the white candle to symbolize new beginnings.

15. Wish Manifestation Candle

Ingredients: Mugwort, green candle, paper.

Procedure: Write your wish on the paper, place it under the candle. Sprinkle mugwort around the candle, then light it to send your wish into the universe.

Comparison of The Top 21 Herbs Used in Midsummer Pagan Rituals

HerbMagical PropertiesSpiritual UsesCommon Uses in MagicElemental AssociationPlanetary Association
St. John's WortProtection, Strength, DivinationBanishing negativity, Spiritual protectionWreaths, Charms, FiresFireSun
LavenderLove, Peace, PurificationCalming, Clarity, HealingSachets, Incense, BathsAirMercury, Venus
MugwortProtection, Divination, Astral ProjectionPsychic enhancement, Dream workSmudging, Amulets, TeasEarth, WaterMoon, Venus
YarrowCourage, Love, HealingPsychic abilities, DivinationFloral crowns, Amulets, TeasWaterVenus
ElderflowerProtection, Healing, ProsperityConnecting with spirits, TransformationFloral arrangements, AmuletsWater, AirVenus, Saturn
BasilWealth, Happiness, ExorcismAttracting success, Harmony in relationshipsInfusions, Floor washes, OfferingsFireMars, Jupiter
RosemaryMemory, Loyalty, ProtectionEnhancing mental clarity, Spiritual protectionSmudging, Amulets, BathsFireSun
MintHealing, Love, ProsperityLove attraction, Refreshing the spiritSachets, Teas, Altar offeringsWaterVenus
ChamomileMoney, Sleep, PurificationCalming, Sun energy, ProsperitySachets, Teas, Altar offeringsWaterSun
SageWisdom, Purification, ProtectionCleansing negative energy, Spiritual insightSmudging, Offering, Protection spellsEarthJupiter
ThymeCourage, Healing, PurificationReleasing sorrow, Promoting braveryIncense, Baths, SachetsWaterVenus
NettleProtection, Healing, CourageRemoving curses, Spiritual detoxAmulets, Herbal brews, SmudgingFireMars
DandelionDivination, Wishes, Calling SpiritsSpirit communication, Manifesting wishesTea rituals, Altar offerings, SpellworkAirJupiter
Lemon BalmLove, Success, HealingCalming the mind, Attracting successSachets, Tea, Anointing oilWaterMoon
RoseLove, Healing, LuckOpening the heart, Emotional healingGarlands, Baths, TeasWaterVenus
FennelStrength, Protection, HealingWarding off negative energies, StrengthProtection charms, Culinary magic, SachetsFireMercury
CalendulaProtection, Prophetic Dreams, Legal MattersSun worship, Clearing obstaclesBaths, Garlands, SmudgingFireSun
VervainLove, Protection, PurificationConnecting to the divine, CreativityAltar offerings, Infusions, BathsEarthVenus
HawthornHappiness, Fertility, ProtectionGuarding sacred spaces, Heart healingAmulets, Spell jars, Floral arrangementsEarthMars
OreganoCourage, Health, LoveEnhancing vitality, Emotional balanceCulinary magic, Protection spells, IncenseAirVenus
ParsleyProtection, Purification, LoveCleansing, Grounding, RejuvenatingRitual baths, Smudging, Altar decorationsEarthMercury

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Mugwort’s rich tapestry of uses, from dream enhancement and spiritual protection to fostering creativity and facilitating astral projection, underscores its enduring relevance. Its versatility in addressing both spiritual and magical needs makes it a valuable tool in contemporary practices.

Whether seeking deeper insight into the subconscious, protection against negative energies, or a conduit for higher spiritual growth, mugwort offers a gateway to profound experiences. Embracing mugwort today can deepen your connection to the mystical, enriching your spiritual journey and magical work.

If you are interested in learning about some general magickal properties of other essential oils and herbs, check out my article “15 Magical Properties of Essential Oils“.  

If you know of other magickal properties of mugwort or different ways in which you use mugwort on your spiritual journey, I would love to hear from you so I may incorporate what you share in this article.

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